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The Rhea Jensen Series Book 1: City of Angels

The Rhea Jensen Series Book 1: City of Angels - Sheralyn Pratt signed review copy from author

I picked up this book by sheer luck at the Eclipse movie premier Party on the Plaza hosted by Twilight MOMS and Events by Alice. Sheralyn was there signing books and I was there taking pictures. When I stopped by her booth she generously offered two signed copies of her book for our site. Must say that once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down.(No matter that I was already in the middle of another read) The first chapter sucks you right in with snarky and sassy detective Rhea Jensen. We meet her on the scene of a bust in her every day job as a Private Investigator. Rhea is a force to be reckoned with...brain and brawn meet a fun sense of humor. Reading her life story from start to finish will be easy for anyone. Sheralyn Pratt's writing is brilliant and funny. The characters are well developed and even thought they have flaws like the rest of us; you will fall in love! Ben, Rhea's main interest is one worm his way deep into your heart.

The plot is full of twists and turns as our heroine meets a set of Mormon Missionaries on one of her stake outs. Her path towards religion is a believable one. Readers of all walks of life will be able to relate. When I read the end of the book I thanked my lucky stars it is a series, because I want more! Book two "Welcome to Stalk Lake City" comes out in August.

Meanwhile, we have one signed copy of City of Angels to give away! Simply comment at http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com to enter to win. Contest ends August 7, 2010.

Thanks so much to Cedar Fort Books and Sheralyn Pratt for introducing us to the Rhea Jensen series. This is one amazing author to watch! Check out her website for an excerpt from the first chapter and to hear Rhea's music playlist. http://sheralynpratt.blogspot.com/p/playlists.html