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Case File 13: Zombie Kid

Case File 13: Zombie Kid - J. Scott Savage Full review at http://littleredreads.blogspot.com/2012/09/middle-grade-arc-review-case-file-13.html

I will be the first to admit that zombie stories are usually not my cup of tea but I love J. Scott Savage as a person and an author. So when his ARC came on tour in the mail, I picked it up curious...and began to read...and read...and read. Could not put the book down! The thing caught me completely off guard with its hilarious laugh out loud moments and brilliantly crafted characters-- the "three monsterteers."

It's close to Halloween and the three of them have the best costumes ever cooked up. However, Nick's Aunt Lenore has just died and he's off to Louisiana for the funeral leaving all plans of trick or treating behind. But there are secrets and creepiness awaiting down in the bayou. Voodoo secret supplies, a mysterious black cat, a hidden family crypt and crocodiles, oh my!

This is absolutely a book you do not want to miss. Carve out an entire day to devour it and then hide it from your children, because if they are anything like mine they'll want to steal it. I was blown away by the clever writing and fun paranormal history elements. Pre-order now!!!! Thanks to J. Scott Savage for sharing his genius with us.