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Rebound - Heather Justesen I received this book for review and blog tour after meeting the author at Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble. Hands down, Rebound is one of the best books I have read in along time. Heather Justesen creates a mix of harsh reality with slow paced romance that will entrance you.

Lily, the main character, is pulled from her life as a stay at home mom with one young child and one on the way by the poor choices of her husband. Everything changes overnight as dreams turn into disappointment. She has no choice but to pick up and start over, yet does so with courage and faith.
Rebound left me wanting to be a better person, and believing that when life throws you struggles, add some hard work and hope and things will bounce back. Woven through out the story are themes on love, trust, adoption, honesty, stamina, and acceptance.

Here's an excerpt as a little teaser from the author... "John tuned out the babbling of other Realtors that poured through his office door and focused on his computer screen. If things went well that evening, he would have to buy himself a celebratory present. The Baccarat Tornado Vase on the screen before him was exquisite, and worth every bit of the nearly $3,200 price. It’s a pity I’ll have to tell Lily I picked it up at a yard sale or something. She’s far too straight laced. Naiveté works for her, however. In this case, it will work for me, too. He whistled as he bookmarked the page for later..."
Rebound is at the top of my recommended reading list from this year. I gave it 5 stars. To learn more about the author and read her blog, go to http://heatherjustesen.blogspot.com/