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LIBBY BOOM - I Want To Be Baptized

LIBBY BOOM - I Want To Be Baptized - Catherine Rae Purves, Tuesday Mourning See our full review at http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com

Libby Boom is one of the cutest Children's books I have read in a long time. I saw it on the table by the check out at Deseret Book and was drawn to the wistful face drawn by Tuesday Mourning. The cover has raised lettering and a textured pattern feel as well as pink and white polka dots every little girl and mom will love. But the real treasure lies in the hopeful message. Libby is a little girl who wants to know if her Heavenly Father hears her prayers and if He knows who she is in the vast expanse of people and places. As she whispers to him she is taken in a dream to meet other children with the same hopes in Africa, Hong Kong and Tahiti. The mixed media collages and graphite sketches paint a magical journey for readers. The writing is personal and meaningful. Along the way Libby learns she is heard. She is loved and she is known. A sweet feeling of peace will enter as you read the words to your children. Five stars from me and four thumbs up from my own children. And a special thanks to Catherine Rae Purves and Tuesday Mourning for giving us the gift of Libby Boom. To learn more visit their site at www.wonderbookpress.com

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