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(dis)abilities and the Gospel: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel: A Guide for Parents and Teachers - Lynn Parsons, Danyelle Ferguson There could not be a better time for me to be reading this book. Six years ago our first child was diagnosed with special needs, a year later her brother was diagnosed with Asperger's, and this year our youngest child was diagnosed with autism. As a mother with experience in sensory processing, mood disorders, speech delays and ADD... I applaud both of the authors! They know what they are talking about. Their words are heart felt and well researched; their methods have been tried in the home and in the classroom.

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel is a must read for leaders, teachers and parents. Our experience would have been much different had this book been around years ago as our children had their first experiences outside the home and in the classroom. (dis)Abilities and the Gospel insightfully weaves every day techniques such as chunking, PEC's and rewarding positive behaviors into a language all can understand and apply. It will quite frankly be a life saver for each person who picks it up looking for answers.

About the Authors: I had the pleasure of meeting both Danyelle and Lynn at the Storymakers conference a couple of months ago. They each took time out on more than one occasion to help me through some of my own questions about individualized education plans and resources in my state. I can guarantee that 20 minutes spent with Danyelle if you win the giveaway would be well worth it! Fire and Ice gives five stars and a huge thank you to the authors for writing such an inspired book.

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