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Twitterpated - Melanie Jacobson Jessie's in her mid twenties with a well established career and not much time to spare considering she works 8o hour work weeks. She believes in doing her best and investing herself in things with measurable results. So, when her roommate Sandy signs her up for an online dating service she is skeptical. Jessie's love life hasn't been so hot in the past. With a failed long-term romance and a broken heart under her belt, she's afraid to take a chance. But Ben Bratton knows just what makes Jessie tick. He is attracted to women with drive. At the same time isn't willing to commit to someone not committed to carve out the most important hours for him. Can Jessie put aside her over achiever turbo drive and follow her heart and will Ben wait for her to figure out the perfect balance?

Melanie Jacobson once again left me smiling and laughing at the clever dialogue between her characters. I could relate to the storyline since I myself was knee deep in a post degree career and in my late twenties when my mother signed me up against my wishes for LDS Singles online. On the other end the story was my now husband Todd, whose co-workers signed him up. I had to chuckle at the similarities and am happy to announce ten years later (on the 23rd) I am still happily married to my online set up!

I whole heartedly recommend all of Melanie's books to readers looking for a light hearted, clean romance. She is so talented at fleshing out real life people and situations that are perfect for our generation. You will adore getting to know Melanie's style and following her blog and twitter. It's simpy brilliant!