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The Everafter

The Everafter - Amy Huntley Wow. I am really not sure how to process this book. About 100 pages into it I decided I was going to put it down. It was boring for me, but the desire to find out how she died and why drove me to read on. It got better. The mystery of two other possible killers was a good plot twist. But the end was too disturbing for me. I can not even imagine what her best friend Sandra had to go through. Having to live with a mother with such sick mental illness and the aftermath of her choices. I agree that love transcends all bounds and relationships continue after death so that I liked. It was just a little too real and sad for me.

I love the photo and cover design on front as a side note and I think Gabe is wonderful. I believe there were some truths in the book for me. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, we exist before and after this life. I can relate to Maddy's affinty and connection to objects.