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Spells - Aprilynne Pike WARNING: Review contains spoilers...
Okay, I have to say that I waited a few days to write this review to see if Spells would seep in and entrance me like WINGS did and I have to say, not so much. I love Tamani, really love him, and have to say I felt much like I did during Eclipse and New Moon of the Twilight series. Enough with David already! He is great as far as humans go but I was Team Tamani from the start. Now I will have to read book three so I can see him win somehow. I got to the second to last chapter and was shouting "what is she thinking?!!" Pick the fae!

What I liked:
The tinkering of the fairies and learning about herbs at the academy
The festival and kiss with Tamani
Kae and her men in black. Some serious Troll butt kicking!
The World Tree and meeting Tamani's family
Seeing the feelings revealed between David and Chelsea...go get her David! Leave Laurel to Tamani.
The high speed, big action ending. Gotta say I loved the end of the book, Aprilynne kicked it up quite a few notches
Her mother's store and apothecary business
What I would Change:

Spells was a little too slow moving for me
Too much mention of the class structure in fairy land. It doesn't seem to bother anyone but Laurel
The mention of gong to bed with David in her joking with Chelsea, it seemed totally out of place. Why do YA authors feel they have to slip in sex somewhere?
I'd love to see more action and less of Laurel's teen aged complaining and rants on social status.
Overall though, I am a huge fairy fan and will read the whole series I am sure! I am hoping the love triangle resolves itself in a suitable way *coughs* and kudos to Aprilynne Pike for another interesting book. With that cliff hanger end I will HAVE to wait to see what happens...