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Forgive My Fins

Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs A couple of months ago I got deep into a stack of YA books for review and one after the other was depressing. I asked my Twitter followers for suggestions of a light funny read to break it up. Forgive My Fins came highly recommended and I ordered it on Amazon. I'm a gigantic mermaid fan, so diving into the book head first was not difficult. This is the first book I've read by Tera Lynn Childs but it won't be the last. Her conversations between characters was witty, hilarious, and splashtastic. The main character Lily is full of funny fish phrases like "beat the carp out of him" and "son of a swordfish" that had me giggling. Lily was kind of clueless but I still liked her and could relate. (I mean, really, how many of us never obsessed over some uber popular guy who was way out of our reach?) Then along comes Quince. Ah, Quince...the tough motorcycle boy who likes to tease. Underneath his rough exterior he has some pretty deep wisdom to impart about love.

I really enjoyed Lily's relationship with her father, the King of The Sea. What little time they had together in Thalassinia, you could tell they respected and cared for one another. It's so nice to see functional, loving family bonds in YA fiction. The concept of the Mermaid bond was such a fun twist. My only wish was that some of the side characters were more fully developed. Overall, Forgive My Fins was just delightful. A great gift for adults and teens looking for a quick and fun page turner.