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Personal Demons - Lisa Desrochers 4.5 stars


After seeing Personal Demons on our list of books for the Best I've Read 2010 I figured it was high time I check out Lisa's series. I was thrilled when Tor Teen sent me a copy for review because I devoured this book. It's the classic good versus evil, two forces fighting against each other for rights to tag the soul of a girl. Frannie is not just anyone...she has the power to change both heaven and earth. Lisa Desrochers uses all of your senses to pull you to her characters hook , line and sinker. First on the scene at Hades High is Luc, bad boy who's voice is sticky sweet like honey, is hot to the touch and smells like Cinnamon. He has full reign of his intended target, Frannie, until Gabe shows up to counteract Luc's evil plan.

Gabe is the left hand of angel Gabriel, he smells like snow and summer and makes Frannie feel enveloped in love. How are we to choose between to polar opposites? Luc is cultured with Dante's Purgatroio and Inferno and has the ability to smell other's emotions. Black Pepper for fury, grapefruit for fear, anise for envy, rose for sadness and chocolate for love. This was one of my favorite concepts of Personal Demons. Gabe on the other hand, is willing to give up his wings for Frannie, promises he will always be there and has the capacity to help her forgive herself.

I have to say I fell for both forces for different reasons and in the end I wished Gabe had a more definitive role in Frannie's heart. I will definitely be reading he second in the series, Orignial Sin which is scheduled to be released by Tor om July 5, 2011.

Lisa ties in literature, music and art to culture readers. As well she pushes the imporatance of a pure soul, the sway of personal intent and the vital role of forgiveness in our lives. I appreciated Frannie's parents and grandfather as they are solid and protective. They are present. My only distraction was the overuse of the word 'cause in Frannie's self-talk and the constant barrage of physical seduction used by Luc. I personally like the audio book cover better than the print cover, but the tattoo effect on the inside and outside of the paperback is beautiful.

While the theme of Heaven's angels is one I 've read previously, I enjoyed Lisa's spin on things. (You may also like The Fallen series by Lauren Kate, The Heavenly Series by Jennifer Laurens and Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.) Lisa Desrochers does enough to set her book apart as original and gain a spot in my heart as one of my favorites this year. It's content has references that would be better for a reader over age 16.

Visit Lisa Desrocher's website at http://lisadesrochers.blogspot.com/ for more information and to view trailers from each character. I along with Gabe and Luc had fun immersing myself in The Fray, Mozart and Vivaldi while reading and was excited she has a play list posted on her blog as well. Here's to book two...can't wait!