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Borrowed Light - Carla Kelly http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com/2011/02/book-review-borrowed-light.html

Oh my heavens. THIS is why I love "my job." I received this book in the mail from Cedar Fort for review and it was a huge step out of my ordinary reads, but what a book! Borrowed Light is the first novel I've read by Carla Kelly, who is a well established regency romance author for Harlequin and recently stepped foot into the LDS market. Apparently her past readers are unhappy about the switch, but I for one could not be happier. I will be purchasing and passing on anything else this author has to offer from Cedar Fort in the future. Her writing is so full of detail, her characters alive and the historical setting spot on. Carla knows her stuff. She has researched and stepped into the lives of her heroes. Borrowed Light easily garnered 5 stars.

Julia Darling is an engaged woman living in Salt Lake City, new graduate of the Fannie Farmer cooking school in Boston. Her fiance Ezra is the perfect gentleman and just what everyone thinks she needs, but Julia just isn't feeling the fire with him. On a whim, she decides to break the bad news and answer a newspaper ad from a "desperate rancher" in Wyoming who needs a full-time cook. Darling has no idea what she is getting her self into when she steps off the train into the rugged land of cattle ranching and rough conditions. Her new boss, Mr. Otto has a strange and highly rumored past which involves a dead man and carefully guarded secrets. Does Darling have what is takes to survive the experience? And can she find her footing and faith in the Wild West?

There is danger, romance, and answers to prayer packed away in a tightly wrapped, swift moving adventure. Fans of Hattie Big Sky will enjoy the flip side to the Homesteading experience. I could kiss this book and you'll soon find out why everyone in Wyoming wants to kiss the cook! To enter to win a copy of your own, enter here on Goodreads and be sure to head over to author Carla Kelly's website for more details! No content warnings..this is a squeaky clean read.