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Dearly Departed - Tristi Pinkston our review and blog tour giveaway 2/24/11 www.fireandicephoto.blogspot.com

Dearly Departed is a bit like Golden Girls meets Nancy Drew. Three partners in crime solving, Ida Mae, Tansy and Arlette make up the "Secret Sisters" and the name of their game is to crack murder cases. The only hitch is that Ida Mae is starting to show her years. After two consecutive falls winds up out of commission. But, never fear...she is also the perfect candidate to solve the latest who done it at the Shady Pines Care Center, where one resident has already ended up suspiciously dead. Eden, the local obituary editor for the paper is called in to investigate the murder by a relative of the deceased so, she sends Ida Mae into the thick of the crime scene. Soon the Secret Sisters are literally wheeling themselves around sniffing out clues which leads to high speed chases in their wheelchairs. Can Eden and Ida Mae figure out who is guilty before they themselves are thrown into harm's way?

This book kept me chuckling, and has a nice side plot of romance coming in bloom between Eden and co-worker Kevin/ Ida Mae and George. Kevin is quite the catch, so I may have to read the next book in the Secret Sisters series to see what happens! This is a clean cozy mystery that is sure to have you craving chicken casserole and a healthy dose of knitting lessons. Well done Tristi!
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