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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini This book wasn't my cup of tea. The painfully obvious reason was that is was based on and an almost duplicate of Twilight. Some of the scenes and even minute details seemed to be directly lifted from Stephenie Meyers, only instead of vampires you insert greek demigods. It really bothers me when authors can't come up with their own unique ideas so they steal from somewhere else. Once you're reading you'll see what I mean. Painfully shy main protagonist Helen falls in love with gorgeous otherworldy boy who comes from a big family. They all live in a mansion and have paranormal gifts.

Helen and Luke, main protagonist boy can't get too close because their destiny together is dangerous to cilization. I didn't buy the back and forth hesitation between Luke and Helen. The Greek mythology had me scratching my head because it is assumes the reader will know what in the heck is going on. Even having read the Odyssey I found I was lost through out most of the book. Just can't say I liked it. I had high hopes since I just read another book based on Greek mythology. As well, when I saw that it is set in Nantucket I was picturing some magical worldbuilding. Despite such an interesting premise and backdrop nothing happened for me but it may for you.

Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for letting me read!

Content- sexual references and lots of profanity