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The Last Little Blue Envelope - Maureen Johnson 4.5 stars A couple of weeks ago when author Maureen Johnson announced on twitter that her newest book in the Little Blue Envelope series was up on NetGalley I put in my request for the e-galley and found the first book 13LBE to start reading. 13 Little Blue Envelopes was this random collection of letters from Ginny's dying aunt Peg that lead Ginny all across Europe in search of clues and tasks. I finished the book having enjoyed the ride but feeling there was so much left undone. The plot felt random and much like a wild goose chase. However, book 2, The Last Little Blue Envelope completely stole my heart and tied things up in a beautiful package similar to a Christmas gift from Harrod's. I loved the sense of purpose and growth book two brings. Maureen Johnson's writing is brilliant and funny, witty and adventurous. Book two picks up where book one left off with the 13th letter that was stolen from Ginny on a beach in Greece having been found by a man in London named Oliver. Oliver contacts Ginny via email in America offering her the last letter, but for a steep price.

Oliver was a welcome addition to the cast; I absolutely loved him! He's brooding and a loner, but deep down you have to know something serious is going on for him to act the way he does. By the end I found myself wishing we knew even more about him. But the New Year's scene in Dublin and at the train station are enough to keep me tied over until book three...please Maureen tell us there is one!? Keith is back as immature and quirky as ever, plus he has a new "friend" Elle. The four teens take on a quest spanning Paris to Ireland to find the last dying wish of Ginny's aunt that is simply magical. You'll feel you are traveling wright along with them because of all the small intricate details Maureen paints in to the picture. Plus,in the process there are life lessons that make each character stretch beyond who they were when it all started. The Last Little Blue Envelope was a treat for me to read and I would recommend it to all readers as a clean travel adventure with coming of age lessons that are vital for teens. Well done Maureen! And thanks to NetGalley/ Harper Teen for making TLBE available to us online.