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Crush Control

Crush Control - Jennifer Jabaley Willow and Max have been best friends since birth, but that about to change when Willow's mother announces they are moving away to Las Vegas where she will take on a show as the hip hypnotist. But Willow has a plan to keep Max her BFF whether he likes it or not. In her nine year old way, and the only way she knows, Willow hypnotizes him to always be her friend forever. Fast forward 8 years, Max and Willow are still in touch and her mom decided to leave he strip to return to her quiet roots in Georgia. The good news is that Max and Willow will be together again and he has grown up to be crush worthy, the bad news it that he doesn't seem to see Willow as more than just a friend. No worries, because she has lots of new tricks up her sleeve from watching mom's shows and things are about to get a little out of control.

Jennifer Jabaley can entertain! Crush Control is a fast paced fun, light summer read with well developed characters. Willow has a lot to learn about trying to control other people's choices and asking for help when things spin out of hand. She sees quickly that her mistakes have a domino effect in the lives of others, but getting the help she needs means asking her mom. There are lessons about perfectionism and keeping up appearances in families that are applicable to all readers. Most of all I liked Max because he was so down to earth and genuine. Hew had the notable quote in the book "The heart wants what the heart wants" -pg. 316 I felt some of the plot with Max got lost a little with Willow trying to undo her other messes with Quinton and cheerleader Mia . I wish Max would have been given more page time and a longer role in the conclusion. Overall, I ended Crush Control with a smile on my face and I enjoyed the unique topic of hypnotism in YA.

Content: sexual references to condoms, several other innuendos including mention of acting out sex on stage, no violence. Recommend for readers 16 and older.