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Indelible (Yara Silva Trilogy)

Indelible - Lani Woodland Book one of the Yara Silva series, Intrinsical was one of my very favorite reads of last year, so of course I jumped on the chance to read the second book in the series. Lani does a wonderful job of creating suspenseful horror and historical ghost stories. Indelible picks up with Yara having returned to Pendrell Academy after spending the summer in Brazil with her grandmother and the matriarca of the Wakers, Vovo. Things swing into full motion quickly as she and Brent are pulled into yet another creepy mystery--this time involving the wife of Pendrell's founder, the long red haired Sophia. And let me tell you....this ghost has a nasty temper!

Weaving historical facts from the local area into the storyline Lani Woodland introduces us to a mysterious group called "The Clutch" and the residual murder mystery that still haunts the alumni house. Meanwhile, Brent is fighting some demons of his own and he and Yara have to weather more than one storm physically and emotionally. We are introduced to a new character DJ who annoyingly calls Yara "cupcake" and are graced once again with the supernatural sleuth skills of Christy and Steve. There are layers upon layers of things going on in Indelible. It is one fast paced little ride.

I love that Lani gave Trader Joe's a cameo appearance and I'm sure hoping we learn more about the American Waker Yara spotted there in book three. I won't miss Inevitable which is set to come out next year. Thanks so much to Yara from Once Upon A Twilight and author Lani Woodland for giving us a sneak peek and inviting us to be a part of the Idelible blog tour. My suggestion: read this one with the light on and far away from a pool!

Content: Moderate violence, some blood and horror, making out. No swearing or sex. Recommended for teens 16 and older.

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