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Crossroads (Crossroads Saga)

Crossroads - Mary Ting Blog tour stop and paperback giveway ends 10/14/11 http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com/2011/09/crosroads-blog-tour-and-signed-book.html

Claudia Emerson keeps having strange dreams which pull her to a place she's seen before and faces that are familiar yet foreign. Then she's awakened by a phone call form her best friends asking if she's still alive. Quickly her life is turned upside down as dream meets reality and she's introduced to a class of half human/half angels called Alkin. Pulled into an age old battle between good and evil Claudia has a new guardian angel named Michael and it's all she can do to stay away from the attraction she feels. Their love is forbidden and Michael 's role becomes blurred as he starts to fall for Claudia. Can the two of them fight off the fallen who are after her and can they satisfy eh Royal Council who want some answers about who Claudia really is?

Crossroads will appeal to readers who like books full of angel lore and YA romance. While I was intrigued there were a few things I struggled with like connecting to Claudia's character and voice. With references to Guess jeans and Honda's being cool the teen scene seemed to be trapped back in the 90's. And why can't Claudia ever fight for herself? Michael I really enjoyed but his change from brash and rude to automatically in love doting boyfriend was quite abrupt. I'm thinking the bad guy Aden was far too easily defeated and he'll be back. I am also hoping we learn more about Austin in book two. He is up to no good I tell ya!

My favorite character was Davin- he's much more down to earth and real and kept the story going for me. I'd love to see him in an even more central role. With poetic writing and beautiful scenery you'll get wrapped up in Crossroads. I think Mary has a wonderful idea and am curious to see where she goes with it for the rest of the series.

Content: There was quite a lot of heavy handed romance and kissing scenes so I'd recommend this one for only older teens. (It was a little too much for my taste) There is also moderate violence as angels fight the fallen.

Thanks so much to Late Bloomer Online and Mary Ting for letting us be a part of the tour!