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My Girlfriend's Boyfriend - Elodia Strain Full review and trailer at http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com/2011/08/book-review-my-girlfriends-boyfriend.html

If you've never read a book by Elodia Strain today is the day to go out and buy one. She is by far my favorite writer in the romantic comedy genre. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from My Girlfriend's Boyfriend because it was written based off of a movie that was released a year ago that I've never seen or heard of. But I picked it up knowing that I love Elodia's sassy, hilarious writing. And then when curiosity got the best of me after I finished the book I had to rent the movie to compare notes.

I adore the changes Elodia made and the new characters she added to the written version. She made the story enough her own with a hilarious protagonist Jesse who tends to find herself in awkward situations. Recovering from a divorce, Jesse is not quite ready to throw herself back out there in the game of love-but with a little extra push from her coffee shop co-workers and her uncle she decides to take a few risks. Then within 24 hours, not one, but two eligible and swoon worthy men walk into her work and begin to vie for her attention.

Ethan, the starving writer and Troy the rich successful executive couldn't be more different. Funny thing is that in the book I found myself rooting for one and in the movie the other...each have qualities that will attract both Jesse and readers. You'll laugh out loud and be very surprised at the big twist in the end. I actually had to read the last chapter through twice just to make sure I'd read it right! I would highly recommend My Girlfriend's Boyfriend as a squeaky clean and hilarious romance for all readers. It addresses honesty, trust, taking a chance on love and following your dreams. Well done once again Elodia!