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Northanger Alibi - Jenni James I am adoring the Jane Austen Diaries series as a fun, clean choice for tweens and teens. Book two of the set, Northanger Alibi follows the crazy antics of Clarie Hart, a die hard Twilight fan who is itching to get a glimpse of Washington State. She and her sister Cassidy win the perfect opportunity as friends of the family invite them both to stay with them for the summer in their small town near the center of all things Forks. Both girls have led a pretty sheltered life, so Claire gleans her excitement reading and re-reading Stephenie Meyers series. At 16 she has never been kissed. But that is all about to change!

Once the girls hit Washington they meet the Russo family, rich and perfect with twin brother and sister Claire's age. Tony likes to ceaselessly tease Claire. At first she is utterly unimpressed. But he also has an air of mysteriousness- doesn't eat, seems to be able to read her mind...Claire begins to wonder, is he a vampire? All the while her older sister is about to find out what all this crazy nonsense and inability to separate real life from fiction is all about as she picks up the books for the first time and can't put them down.

Twi hards and those who love them will either be laughing out loud and relating to Claire's obsessiveness or rolling their eyes at the references to the uber popular books. It adds a fun parallel Austen element, but may also be a turn off for those who are sick of hearing about the paranormal werewolves and vampires. Those who know where there is an Edward (Tony) there must also be a Jacob- or Jaden in this case.

Claire meeting Jaden is my favorite part of the whole book. I'll just say it involves an Old Navy clothing store, a slushee and will make you laugh! Jenni is genius at writing the first flutters and awkward moments of a teenage crush and her kissing scenes are to die for. She navigates the sometimes quirky, drama laden moments that can happen with a love triangle, but wraps things up with a heart warming conclusion.

I would recommend Northanger Alibi to all readers, and think it will especially appeal to middle grade and younger teens. If you haven;t read the first in the series, Pride and Popularity I would go pick it up, since it was one of my favorite reads of this year. This, book two is a stand alone so you won't be lost without book one. Thanks once again to Walnut Springs press for introducing me to such a fun series!

Full review at http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com/2011/12/book-review-northanger-alibi.html