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Emerald City

Emerald City - Alicia K. Leppert 3.5 stars-

Emerald City is one young woman's journey from the harrowing feeling of hopelessness to beginning to heal. 20 year old Olivia has suffered far more than most 20 year olds and feels alone in the world, her mother having committed suicide and her father abandoning the family after living a lie. One particularly hard night Olivia reaches her breaking point and in an effort to end the pain ends up in a hospital bed with no knowledge of how she could have possibly been saved. Her front door was locked, she has no real friends or neighbors in her apartment building that would check up on her, yet a mysterious man name Jude is said to have found and rescued her. Soon Jude has taken Olivia under his wing and shows her what it means to be cared for and looked after, but feelings are growing on both sides and there are so many unanswered questions about Jude's past and who he is.

As a reader I found myself wondering who and what Jude is through out most of the book until we get his back story over 20 chapters in. I really enjoyed learning more and wish we would have been filled in a bit sooner. From there this romance with a twist of Urban fantasy takes off. It's a darker read until then as Olivia is treading through the absolute hopelessness of clinical depression and suicidal ideation. I like that she addresses her issues through seeing a psychiatrist and going on medication when she so clearly needs it. But I think this is an older read for 17- adults because of the sad tone and traumatic life events Olivia faces. I am curious if there will be more in the series! If you are a fan of the Heavenly series by Jennifer Laurens this has similar character elements. I love love the cover and the chapter headings which highlight Seattle where the book was set, and I am pleased the author shows how one person can change the life course of another.

Content: no swearing or sex, some violence, suicidal and traumatic life events, some kissing and sleep overs.