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TIME for Kids Big Book of What

TIME for Kids Big Book of What - Editors of Time for Kids Magazine Full review at http://littleredreads.blogspot.com/2012/06/childrens-review-time-big-book-of-what.html

The true test of a book at our house it how my children receive it. My oldest son, 7, took the book around with him every where for a good week reading aloud from its pages. We learned about holidays in different countries, what an adam's apple is, and customs around the world. Then I found him making paper boomerangs from instructions within and eventually he even cooked up some pudding pops all on his own. The Big Book of What kept him highly entertained with full page photos and how-to's. I would recommend it for children ages 6-12 and give it a full five stars for making a reluctant reader one happy camper!