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My Loving Vigil Keeping

My Loving Vigil Keeping - Carla Kelly I had never heard of the Scofield Mining Disaster before reading Carla Kelly's My Loving Vigil Keeping. Now, the event, the people who lived in the mining town of Winter Quarters and the history behind May 1, 1900 are forever etched in my memory. I really enjoy Carla's new LDS Historical romances and this was no exception.

Ms. Kelly took personal interest in the stories of these men and women. I was so moved by the story I went online to find photos and additional histories about Scofield once I was done reading. The author has left her fingerprint in a story of the past by bringing it to life for readers of our generation--many of whom are ancestors left from the widows and fatherless children left behind by the mining tragedy. This book is authentic in its history; you wil feel like you are really there. It also weaves in a few more characters from Utah's history including Jess Knight and Mr. Auerbach of the prominent Utah department store rivaling ZCMI. This is a book I will be gifting for Christmas to my family. The pacing was a bit slow and there is a bit too much detail in the spa/kissing scenes for my taste, but that is only a small complaint.

I will read antyhing else Carla Kelly writes under Cedar Fort. She's done justice and a tender act of service to the over 200 Finns, Welsh, Scotts and local LDS people who lost their lives. I loved Owen for his tenacity and tenderness toward his wife and child-- Della for her bravery and spunk. My heart truly took in all the families of Winter Quarters and the humble but educated immigrants. Spot on, lovely character development. I'll be taking a trip to the mine and cemetery now that I feel like I know Bishop Parmley and all of his men.

Bring a box of kleenex for this one.

Content: mention of naked women in a spa, detailed kissing scene and small bath scene. Recommended for adults.