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Double Crossed

Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story - Ally Carter Ally Carter is one of those automatic authors for me...I see a book she releases and I buy it. I was first introduced to her Heist Society series while browsing art at the Met Museum in NYC with Tales of A Ravenous Readr. Since reading Uncommon Criminals I've been hooked! When I saw this fun novella that blends both of her series characters into one setting I had to check it out. I've never read the Gallagher Girls, but they are at the top of my wish list after sampling Macey's personality in Double Crossed. I want to get to know Macey McHenry as well as I now know Hale. The aloof, ruffled, handsome Heister I know and love.

Macey and Hale are thrown into a high stake situation at a high society gala when the event is hijacked by men in masks. They have the jaws of life and don;t seem to be in much of a hurry to pull off the job--so what are they really after? The banter between Macey and Hale makes me want to see much more interaction between these two series. Both are confident in their abilities and both have an air of "I know best." We also have some cameos by others from the books and the result is a mash up of awesome proportions. If you haven;t discovered Ally Carter check this one out for free on Netgalley to wet your whistle and then dive right in!

Content: moderate violence, recommend for ages 16 and up