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Doon (Doon Novel, A)

Doon - Lorie Langdon, Carey Corp Full review at http://www.fireandicereads.com/2013/06/doon-by-carey-corp-and-lorie-langdon-arc-review-and-goodreads-giveaway/

Scottish boys in kilts plus a hidden village that only appears once every 100 years...yes please! I started Doon the day I was gearing up to go to our local Scottish festival to discover my own ancestral clan and was so swept away I did not put it down until I was done. The voice, the beautiful setting and pacing come together along with awesome characters to make an unforgettable story. Part of a new imprint of Harper Collins Christian publishing called Blink, (read about the news here ) this is a magical read I will be recommending this summer! It's told in dual points of view between two best friends Veronica and McKenna.

Verrrranica Welling is in for a surprise when her best friend invites her to Alloway, Scotland and begins having visions of a boy who is calling to her.

Both girls get sucked into a world they can't escape without help and a witch's curse older than time. The villagers are suspicious and time is running out to tip the balance of power back in Doon's direction. The rich details and show tune spurts by Kenna make it a multi sensory read for older teens. There is definite sexual tension, and a sleepover along with a couple of mild swear words.

Overall, one of the best books I've picked up in a long time! The authors whom I didn't know before are friendly and tweeted me when they saw I was reading the series. They've also created a fully interactive website with a play list, fantasy casting, Doon merchandise and photos you won't want to miss of the kingdom MacCrea. Jump in and enjoy. As they say...Destiny awaits!

Must Pre-order!