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Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale

Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale - Karen Henry Clark, Patrice Barton The first thing that struck me about Sweet Moon Baby is the beautiful illustrations. They are enchanting and whimsical in water color. Patrice Barton has amazing talent. She worked on them for the author, Karen Henry Clark who adopted a child from China and had no story to tell her about her young infant life before she came to America. Clark uses prose to tell the tale of a family in China who doesn't have enough food to feed their baby and want to give it a better life.

In the mean time, another family across the globe in America is preparing their home for a baby by planting a garden and filling a room with books and toys, still no baby comes. Both families have to rely on the moon to carry their wishes. Sweet Moon Baby is a wonderful book for parents with adopted children and children who wonder why their biological parents would give them up. I recommend it for all ages and can honestly say it will be a favorite in our home.