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Smart Move

Smart Move - Melanie Jacobson Loved it! Watch for our blog tour stop on October 17th http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com

Melanie Jacobson has won my heart with her clean, funny romance writing. Smart Move features a less than perfect main character which is something I appreciate. She's the daughter or a single mother who's been raised in a less than ideal environment shuffled from place to place and step-dad to step-dad. She's now found her place as a Stanford graduate working in D.C. for a major nonprofit organization. She has a job she believes in, her own space in the upper half of a house and yoga to keep her sane. But she just can't get her mind of of one night back in Seattle and the man she met who never returned her phone call. The sparks were definitely there, but she should be over it by now!

Luckily she has a huge project going right now to keep her mind off of dating--winning the zoning approval for a program helping women make their way into the work force. The only thing standing in her way is "El Diablo" the proud and stubborn attorney who's working hte other end of the case. The two cross paths in more than one unpleasant encounter and let the banter begin!

Sandy is spunky and unique in her spanx.( tummy trimming lycra.) She has some baggage from her past but is headstrong and flirty at the same time. Main antagonist, El Diablo never, ever gives up. It's so nice to see a persistent and confident man who knows how to keep the best interest of both his employer and other around him. I thoroughly enjoyed Smart Move and would recommend it to all readers as a clean read. You'll laugh out loud at Sandy's mother Margerita and her New Age goofiness as well as some of the hilarious situations Sandy finds herself in. I enjoyed the East Coast Ivy League D.C. setting as well.

If you haven't read any of Melanie's books yet...go, go, go!