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Fall - Jennifer Latas JD Halstead is a young woman bound and determined to make her way as a woman into an almost all male field of construction. When she lands her first big project in Torrey, Utah things are supposed to run smoothly. But all hell literally breaks loose as a handsome demolition man Matt saunters onto the site and discovers a mysterious box full of secrets inside the building. JD finds herself drawn to the new member of the crew and begins to act impulsively as she become swept up in his allure. What she doesn't know is that there are consequences far more severe than losing her job wrapped up in the whirlwind attraction. In a full battle between good and evil, the historical town of Torrey is about to be turned upside down.

Jennifer Hurst does a wonderful job of creating memorable characters. My only wish is that each one of the side people would get some what of an introduction and preface before they pop up in the story. There were a few grammatical errors in my ARC which I hope were fixed before final release. But overall, Fall was an engaging paranormal romance that stuck with me and made me want to read the sequel. It has lessons of not acting impulsively, choosing your life path and the redemption of a soul from evil to good. Thanks so much to Jennifer for the book and Tristi Pinkston blog tours for selecting Fire and Ice as a stop on the Fall tour.

Content: one swear word, sex between the main two characters, some violence and dark themes. Recommended for adults.