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Meg's Melody

Meg's Melody - Kaylee Baldwin I recieved a copy of this book from the author for review and finished it all in one sitting. Kaylee Baldwin tackles grief, divorce, and the power of change. Meg's Melody begins as young Meg Sanders finds a note in her apartment from her husband Austin, stating no more than "I'm Sorry." His clothes are packed and gone...after eight months of marriage she is alone and left to pick up the pieces. Factor in that her pregnancy test comes back positive and her ex-husband remarried in a flash. Meg is about to become a young divorced single mother. In the years of her courtship and marriage she has successfully pushed away her family as well as the church she was raised in. Now she has no where else to turn but back to her roots. Meg has to start over on the path to healing what is broken within herself.

Matt Wilkes has just lost his wife in a tragic car accident and is left to father his little girl, Lilia. He is ready to make a fresh start in a new town and to come to terms with his own grief. The two main characters cross paths when Dr. Wilkes becomes Meg's OBGYN. Her life is about to become interesting as a crush for her High School days begins to pursue a relationship, and Matt becomes a friend to rely on, but is she ready to move on? Can she rediscover her voice and the happy melody she has lost?

I loved every page of this book. Author Kaylee Baldwin made her heroine less than perfect, on the path to growth. She writes engagingly about what has become a sad reality in today's world; with so many young marriages ending in divorce. Her characters have depth and their feelings are genuine. Both of the main characters have important choices to make and a long, hard road ahead of them, but as they learn to lean on each other and trust their feelings the path becomes clear.

Five stars to Meg's Melody. It's a squeaky clean romance that kept me engrossed with simple truths woven in between. As a reader, I connected with both the story and the people. I look forward to more from Kaylee Baldwin and would recommend this book to any and all readers... loved it! Find the author at her website: http://www.kayleebaldwin.com/