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Bitter Blessings

Bitter Blessings - Christine Mehring Megan and her family are holding things together after the death of their father until one day they get a visit from the Tuscon Police and receive news that mom will not be home for dinner. Killed in a car accident, mom leaves her own mother as the primary caregiver to Megan and her two younger sisters. But Grandma hasn't worked in years and turns to Megan to help support the small family. In a snowball of hard events she must put the pieces back together as to why insurance is refusing to pay out their claim, what their grandmother is hiding from them all and just how they are supposed to make ends meet.

With an awesome cast of supporting character including her best friend Adam and his father, Megan just may be able to survive the challenges that lie ahead. There were a lot of things I really loved about Bitter Blessings. It's a short read that pulled me in and I finished it in one sitting. It addresses adolescent substance abuse, grief, financial hardship, codependency and religious bigotry in an artful, hopeful manner. I appreciate that so many hard things were covered and often found myself wondering if life could get any worse for Megan. But in the end, the author proves that sometimes things fall into place just they way they are meant to, even if it takes some time and effort. A clean LDS fiction title with an endearing example of friendship and faith.