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Swoon at Your Own Risk

Swoon at Your Own Risk - Sydney Salter Every once in a while I come across a book that just clicks for me. This was one of those books. Sydney Salter is a local Utah author I met at Authorpalooza on Saturday and I picked up a signed copy of her book. I sat down to read it and less than 24 hours later I was done with a smile on my face. Swoon At Your Own Risk is a light, fun read that in my opinion is perfect for teens. Polly, the main heroine is looking for a little bit of distraction from her not-so-perfect life and tries out quite a few relationships back to back. Things get a little confusing when she is forced to work with her ex-boyfriend Sawyer at the local water park. Add a few more ex'es in the mix along with her neighbor Xander and you have one interesting summer.

As Polly becomes the main topic of her co-worker gossipy blog blog; she has to try to figure out who she is and what she really wants. Will she be plastic Polly with a fake smile and lots of jokes, or the real person she is tyring to become. Meanwhile Polly's Mom is working at the local burger joint and her dad has forgotten she exists. Along comes Xander, someone Polly has known since elementary school, but boy has he changed....gotta say I love Xander. He is the yin to her yang, and brings her right to where she needs to be. Who wouldn't want a friend who writes prose, plays ball with your little sister and folds you paper cranes? My favorite scenes with the two of them...cliff diving and a party where he shoes up with another girl to make Polly jealous. Swoon At Your Own Risk will keep you chuckling, yet it still addresses issues that so many teens today face: finding yourself, healing after a parent' divorce, and being a true friend. Truly it was such a fun read, that I will definitely read Sydney Salter's other books.