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Invasion (A C.H.A.O.S. Novel)

Invasion - Jon S. Lewis Colt McAlister was an every day teen, tan with blue eyes and shaggy blond hair. His life consisted of school and surfing until the summer of his 16th year. Sent to Washington D.C. for a summer tour for a military academy he has no idea how his life is about to change. There he meets Lt. Lohr, otherwise known as sasquatch and his soon to be partner in CHAOS, Oz. The difficult detail is that Colt has no memory of his training once he walks out the academy doors. And things get more complicated when Colt's parents are both killed in an automobile accident that really isn't an accident at all. Who would want them dead and why?

Following his parent's death, Colt is forced to move from San Diego to live with his grandfather in Arizona. The plus is that he has his childhood friend Dani there- a computer whiz and girl who loves to challenge him at video games. The negative is that strange things are happening all around him. People are getting hurt, his grandfather has secrets of his own, and it seems Colt and his friends Oz and Dani are the targets. Do the three of them have what it takes to fight of a billion dollar biotech company that seeks to take over the world?

Invasion is an action packed sci-fi trip into things you've never seen on earth before. Flying motorcycles, jet packs, and advanced alien life forms that appear to be ordinary men. It took me way outside of my ordinary genre, but surprisingly I loved it! J.S. Lewis is a talented writer who held my interest. The original pull for me came with the eery cover and later I was sucked in to Basil's party in between our world and a whole other dimension. The vivid details and suspense made for an entertaining adventure.

I would recommend the CHAOS series to readers 14 and older since there is some violence. It's another book with appeal for both genders. I was completely surprised by Invasion, and happy to learn that it's a series. Watch for our interview with author J.S. Lewis coming soon! And in the mean time, beware of others with red glowing eyes...