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In Dreams (Volume 1)

In Dreams (Volume 1) - J. Sterling What I loved: Cooper! He's one of the best male YA characters I've seen written in a while. All-American, confident but put in his place by the right girl. I have to say if this were a YA contemporary novel without the paranormal element or other male character I would have been happy reading it that way. Austen, boy of her dreams is great but I just didn't feel the same pull to him as I did Cooper, alive and in the flesh.

J Sterling did an awesome job of fleshing out all of the characters and the friendship between two college roommates. I also really enjoyed the hockey element, the setting and the concept behind the story.

I like that the main girl is from California and is living in the East. There is a big difference between the two coasts (which I know since I've lived on both) and I liked the way Sterling added that into her book.

What I struggled with: The storyline is constantly shifting between the thoughts of all the characters which got a little confusing for me.

I received what I am guessing was an advanced reading copy from the author- there were several typoes, weird spacing and even font changes which are a bit distracting. For some reason I just didn't feel a connection to Austen so I think the pull in the story between two men didn't carry the full emotional reaction it otherwise would have.

Content: Moderate swearing, college drinking and co-ed sleepovers. No sex, very mild violence.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend reading In Dreams and I would read it again.

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