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The Siren's Secret (The Shapeshifter's Secret, #2) - Heather Ostler Author guest post and early ebook giveaway http://fireandicephoto.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-sirens-secret-blog-tour-author.html

Sirens entrance me. I've always been fascinated by the creatures who live in the sea. When I saw this cover on Netgalley I was lured and captivated. I hadn't read book one of the Shapeshifter's Secret series (we review it here) but was easily able to pick up where the previous left of, as Heather gives a plot retelling in the first few chapters of book two. Julia is in hiding in an antique cottage with her father and the guard after an attempt on her life. Her life seems ever more complicated as the tension heats up between her boyfriend Terrance and friend, protector Caleb. When a date with Terrance goes dangerously wrong and Julia is intercepted by a mysterious Siren there are questions to be answered.

With enchanting mythology and a magical setting, Heather Ostler paints her unique spin on shape shifters and the difference between water nymphs and sirens. I wish I could fully immerse myself in the Lockham academy and underwater scenes of Sirenity. I found myself wanting much more filling out of details and world building. With little inventions like a parchment that writes and receives messages plus a truth telling ring there is plenty of room for lots more imagination.

I also am pulling for one side of the love triangle to move ahead. I'm hoping book three picks up the pace in swoon worthiness and character development because a huge whopper of a plot twist has been dropped.

Content: The Siren's Secret is a clean read suited for middle grace and young adult readers and I am happy to recommend it to all.