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In Wisdom and Order

In Wisdom and Order - Boyd K. Packer Read my full five star review at Fire and Ice

Boyd K. Packer has always stuck out in my mind as a straightforward, inspirational speaker who is not afraid to say things as they are. Reading his words gathered into this book titled In Wisdom & Order was like a crash course in aligning your life with the Lord's. Twenty eight chapters of addresses from his mission conference seminars, conference speeches and talks broken down into five parts:

gospel foundations
principles of perfection
priesthood, youth and family
teachers and servants and
lessons from our leaders.

This was a Sunday read that you could spend weeks on, because Elder Packer puts so many scriptural references in each chapter. Perhaps the most interesting story for me was learning about the selection of J. Reuben Clark Jr. as second counselor in the First Presidency. The world had to wait six months between Conference sessions for the announcement of whom the Lord has chosen. A man who had never been bishop or stake president,but a man whom the Lord had called and chosen under President Joseph Fielding Smith. Never underestimate the Lord's capability to see what man can not see and then to reveal it to one of his servants.

There are several chapters which include poems or hymns from Eliza R. Snow. As well we read personal stories from Boyd K. Packer's assignment as an apostle, and earlier in his life as a World War II soldier. This is a book you'll want to have for ready reference. Once I started reading, I was tutored and taught--then shared what I learned with my family.

Highly recommend!